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Functional Badminton warm-up


The article “Meaningful warm-up” in the beginning corner caused a sensation: Therefore, a new edition of the still current article “functional warm-up in badminton”, which first appeared last year in the Hamburg Badminton Journal.


It has been almost three years since Jürgen Klinsmann introduced unrest to the world of football by signing an expert team from America for the German national team for the DFB in order to trim the German national team to a top condition. In particular, the training with rubber bands, unfamiliar strength exercises, and warm-up methods were initially patterned critically, if not even ridiculed. Training methods, however, which have been on the agenda for many years already in America, but also in Germany, for example in athletics.

 The keyword is the approach of “functional training”. Here are two aspects in particular highlighted: Once it comes to training in sport-specific positions, where the athlete not only trained a single muscle group but in addition to the supposed work muscles to stabilize the whole body. On the other hand, it is about training of fundamental (also called functional) movement patterns, such as running, jumping, throwing, landing and many other the basics of movements of various sports are.

 Two small examples should clarify the whole: Surely, the crunch as an exercise for the abdominal muscles is a good basic exercise. With relatively few sports, however, one lies with the legs bent on the ground and makes a crunch movement. The main task of the trunk muscles is to ensure in many sports, including badminton, the upper body stability during various movements such as lunges and jumps.

If you look at jumps, be it in badminton, volleyball or even ski jumping, you will always find the same patterns: explosive stretching movements of the entire badminton strings leg muscles, whereby the back extensor works very stabilizing, not to mention the landing after the jump. So why not choose exercises where all of these elements occur instead of training isolated muscles individually.

 Two examples (complete program see below):

Warming up should prepare as sensibly as possible for the following loads. Unfortunately, one often sees in our sports halls that before the game is jogged loosely to quickly, a movement that hardly takes place at the ambitious player in the field. The jogging is then often supplemented by the fact that mostly thigh muscles and calf muscles are stretched statically. However, it is known today that dynamic stretching should be the means of choice. On the one hand, static stretching in the warm-up program can be performance-reducing in sports where speed and speed are required. As an example, the calf muscles should serve here: Bennet (1999) found that static stretching lowers the eccentric force of the calf by up to 1 hour by about 10%. Certainly a very scientific value, 

 I would like to introduce here a selection of functional warm-up exercises, which for example also perform athletes in the state performance center. The exercises contain many dynamic strains, but at the same time, most people work on fundamental movements and/or body stability.

 The complete program (1-16) takes about 15 minutes. The term “walk” indicates the character of the exercises. For example, in the knee-to-chest gait, the right knee is briefly forcefully guided to the chest, the same leg is put back in front of the body and then the right knee is guided to the chest. The whole thing is repeated until you cross two badminton fields.

 1) Hip rotation with the elastic band

2) The side of the rubber band

3) Ankle run

4) toe walk with shoulder rotation

5) Hacking with arm rotation

6) Knee-to-Chest Walk

7) Figure-4 Walk

8) Heel-to-Buttocks Walk

9) Handwalk

10) Frankenstein Walk

11) HugMe-HugTheWorld Walk

12) Crawling lung

13) Reaching lung

14) Backpedal

15) pushups

Rest Room Trailers

portable restroom trailers

We want to welcome you to our web site and are excited to help you learn more about restroom trailers which is why you have made it here. Nobody likes to talk about certain things in life. Going to the bathroom is at the top of the list however not only is it an important topic to talk about but a legal topic in many areas. Many people find the need to learn about portable toilets with compostability and portable restrooms because they have an ailment that requires them to bring one of them around with them. Others due to a more common reason like construction sites and large events that require the need for facilities for guests or patrons or employees to use as needed. Restrooms are things that many of us do not think about until we need them which is a shame because when we need them is too late as using the good old bushes is not looked upon with delight by most of the civilized world. Additionally, restroom trailers may seem like a very common topic and one that has a lot of easy to find resources covering it in depth. There are a lot of great places out there to learn about restroom trailers but many of them are actually hard to come by. That is also where we come in. We are very proud of the large collection of resources that we have been able to compile for you to use to further your research about restroom trailers.

 What must be done in order for you to become a bail bond agent:

By this point, you have taken the basic certification course for bail bond agents and also taken your correspondence course. You have also completed your online application and provided the department with what they need. Now you can use your temporary license and work as a temporary agent for the one year term that is required. This is the time to learn all of the tricks of the trade that make a bail bond agent a successful one. Choose who you work for wisely so that you can ensure that you learn all that is needed to take your examination after the one year term is up. This is the good stuff so have fun and enjoy it but do not lose sight of the fact that you are only temporary at this point and there is still a bit more stuff to be done.

Must-Have Features of the Best Ice Cream Makers

Certain features must be present on the ice cream maker. Wise buyers will read reviews of models that are under consideration for owner evaluation of the following features.

best ice cream maker

  • Large-mouth container– The mouth of the container must be wide and accessible if the preferred ice cream recipes include ingredients that must be added during the freezing process.
  • Dual/multiple-speed motor– Many recipes will turn out better if the motor on the machine can be changed part way through the ice cream freezing process. A high-quality motor might add a few dollars to the price but will last longer and produce better ice cream.
  • Transparent lid– Users like to watch the ice cream freeze, and some recipes require being able to see the progress to know when to add mix-ins, like fruit and flavorings.
  • Timer and auto shut-off– Advanced models will run long enough to make thick ice cream and turn off at the right point. This feature allows the user to perform other tasks without watching the freezer closely.
  • Quiet operation– Some models are designed to minimize the noise generated by the motor. Users with smaller kitchens might find this to be a very valuable feature.
  • Easy-to-clean design– Milk particles must be cleaned from every crevice of the ice cream maker. Users will appreciate the ability to separate the machine components and apply soapy water to each part.

Ice cream makers make it convenient to make homemade ice cream anytime and almost anywhere. Choosing the best ice makers must begin with defining how much ice cream will be needed at one time. The final choice can be improved by reading reviews written by others who have actually used the models under consideration. Multiple opinions will allow the buyer to find out important information about each ice cream maker model.


Oster Core 16-Speed Blender With Glass Jar


For the price of Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender with Glass Jar, comes equipped with many great features. The many speeds and function of this Oster blender are what makes it so fantastic. Multiple speeds will make quick work of crushing ice or frozen fruits for smoothies and iced drinks. This Oster blender comes equipped with a sturdy glass pitcher that easily unscrews from the blade. -this makes for very simple cleaning. The motor to the blade constitutes of metal so there will be very minimal wear and tear over the years that will prevent the blender from functioning properly. This Oster blender may even be used for small tasks such as mixing up juices, or salads or veggies. You can rely on it for almost any job you would need. It is currently on sale here at

Oster Classic Beehive Blender

The Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender, is a great blender that has superb speed and power. It is a bit on the loud side, but a great blender for crushing ice, making smoothies, dicing food or any other of your needs. It has a great glass container and very easy to use and clean. This kitchen blender has two speeds suitable for all your needs. This Oster kitchen blender is one of the best available right now, you will truly be satisfied when using this blender.


Simple and reliable

Makes good smoothies

Retro styling


Only two speeds


Blenders Specs:

Capacity (ounces) : 40

Speeds: 2

Jar Type: Glass

Power: 500 watts

Dishwasher-safe: Yes

Dimensions (inches): 16 inches by 7.25 inches by 7.25 inches

Weight (pounds) : 12.3

Warranty: 1 year

Other features: Chrome-clad base, low-speed pulse function

Best Blender Brands

When buying a new kitchen blender online, the best guide is to look at some of the reviews. This way you will be able to learn about some of the unique features that vary for each type of blender. Choosing the best brand of the blender will help maximize the potential of quality and longevity of your kitchen blender. Some of the best brands of blenders include Oster Blenders, Hamilton Beach Blenders, KitchenAid Blenders, Braun Blenders, and Cuisine Art Blenders. Speed, power, class, and quality of parts are what these kitchen blenders come equipped with. They are also very multifunctional, you can use them for practically anything you may need.

Hallway Table and Its Benefits


In most cases, tables are named according to the places they are used. An example is the hallway table.

Hallway Table

Hallway Table

The hallway table is a table used in hallways. What is a hallway? The hallway is a space or passage which is inside the entrance or front door of a building. Hallways are usually filled with people as they either want to enter or exit a building. In most cases, these people would have to sit or relax. The hallway table has been created to ensure that people can relax well and place their things on them. With the hallway table, people in a hallway can keep their items on a table. In most cases, people wait in the hallway before they are being attended to inside the building. While they wait, they can put their materials on the hallway table while they wait. The hallway table grants comfort and convenience to people in a hallway.
The hallway table is available in different sizes as there are small, medium and big ones, the hallway table is available in different sizes to ensure that it could fit into any hallway, irrespective of its size. The hallway table is very effective, reliable and beneficial. It is an essential part of the hallway which is indispensable.
The hallway table is created from different materials that are of high and great quality. These materials are also very strong and durable as they ensure that the hallway table lasts for a long period of time. These materials give the hallway the required rigidity, support, and firmness. Some of these materials are wood, metal, glass, etc. The hallway table is created to have different attributes and features. These attributes differ in hallway tables as they uniquely made. The attributes and features ensure that hallway table functions well.
The hallway table is created in different styles and designs that are very lovely. These styles and designs are very lovely as they help to beautify the hallway table. The hallway table is also available in different lovely colors that would complement the décor of a hallway.


Are you in need of tables for hallways? You can acquire the hallway table and you would be very glad you did so.

Get an Ergonomic Computer Desk and Work Comfortably

When you work for long hours on a computer you require ergonomic computer desk so that you do not have back problems, shoulder pains and other pains. An ergonomic computer desk helps to maintain the right height when working on the computer.

Ergonomic Computer Desk

The Ways in Which Ergonomic Computer Desk helps

When working on the computer if the height is not properly aligned there are a lot of problems that you can face. You can develop carpal tunnel problems if the arms are wrongly positioned during typing compared to the desk. Once you start with these problems it takes a long time to get it rectified.
All these problems can be avoided if you get an ergonomic computer desk and work with the right posture. If you spend a lot of time on a computer at work and at home it is essential to have an ergonomic office desk. Before you invest in ergonomic computer furniture understand the ergonomic principles.

Tips to be Followed When Working on the Computer

When short people work on the computer they may have to use a stool to place their feet to get the right working posture while tall people may need a taller desk so that the hands are properly positioned when working on the computer. The ideal arm position should be90* angle when typing on the computer.
Ergonomic computer desks are to prevent strains when working on the computer. It is essential to choose a desk with a matte finish to prevent glare on the eyes. The next step is to type with your hands in the waist position. Sometimes you may have to use a keyboard tray below the table.

Ergonomic Computer Desks for Comfortable Working Posture

As technology has advanced people working on computers for long hours have also designed ergonomic workstations to work for long hours without any problem. Now there is a new working posture known as Obutto ergonomic workstation where the seating position is related to the keyboard, monitor and mouse.
This will help you to work for hours without aches and pains in the back and shoulders. Now you do not have to be sore when using computer or peripherals for long hours.
If you are a person spending long hours on the computer use ergonomic computer desk.

Different Cherry Desk for Office and Home

Whether you work in an office or manage your own business from home, a fancy desk is something that we all wish to have. While talking about fancy desks we definitely have to speak about the cherry desk. Cherry wood is one of the most durable ones and has many other benefits. It changes color as it gets old and gets a bit red on the inside. A nice cherry desk can make any place more elegant whether it’s your home or office. So, keep on reading to learn a few things about finding a good cherry desk for yourself.

Lavish Color

The only reason sufficient to buy a cherry desk is its color. The lavish color of the desk is super elegant and extremely attractive. With just a single desk you can change the whole interior of the room. The best part of having a cherry desk is that you get a different colored desk after a few years as the cherry wood changes color while drying. A nice red cherry wood desk can change into a bit brown desk which definitely more attractive.

Various Sellers

To get the best product you must see items from various sellers. Different sellers have a different type of desk and with each seller, you also get a different price range. You may not get many sellers in your locality, that’s why you should go online while lets you contact the sellers from all around the world. To buy a cherry desk you can visit many websites that are known for selling quality desks. Visiting different stores also allows you to get the best deal as you can check the price of the same product in all the sites and get it where you have to pay the least.

Nice Design

To make your home or office more elegant a nice designed desk is something that you must choose. A cherry desk comes in various designs and if you visit different sites then you can definitely find some amazing desks. You can visit some interior decorating sites before buying to get some unique ideas on desk designs.