Must-Have Features of the Best Ice Cream Makers

Certain features must be present on the ice cream maker. Wise buyers will read reviews of models that are under consideration for owner evaluation of the following features.

best ice cream maker

  • Large-mouth container– The mouth of the container must be wide and accessible if the preferred ice cream recipes include ingredients that must be added during the freezing process.
  • Dual/multiple-speed motor– Many recipes will turn out better if the motor on the machine can be changed part way through the ice cream freezing process. A high-quality motor might add a few dollars to the price but will last longer and produce better ice cream.
  • Transparent lid– Users like to watch the ice cream freeze, and some recipes require being able to see the progress to know when to add mix-ins, like fruit and flavorings.
  • Timer and auto shut-off– Advanced models will run long enough to make thick ice cream and turn off at the right point. This feature allows the user to perform other tasks without watching the freezer closely.
  • Quiet operation– Some models are designed to minimize the noise generated by the motor. Users with smaller kitchens might find this to be a very valuable feature.
  • Easy-to-clean design– Milk particles must be cleaned from every crevice of the ice cream maker. Users will appreciate the ability to separate the machine components and apply soapy water to each part.

Ice cream makers make it convenient to make homemade ice cream anytime and almost anywhere. Choosing the best ice makers must begin with defining how much ice cream will be needed at one time. The final choice can be improved by reading reviews written by others who have actually used the models under consideration. Multiple opinions will allow the buyer to find out important information about each ice cream maker model.